Analytical Chemistry Services Analytical studies through its experienced scientific staff as per OECD / ICH/ USP / BP / EP / IP / JP and other regulatory guidelines. # Five Batch Analysis
# Method Development & Validation
# Dose Formulation Analysis
# Shelf life (storage stability)
# Residue Studies (Lab Analysis only)
# Physico-Chemical Testings Melting Point / Boiling point / Freezing point
Vapour Pressure
Physical State, Colour & Odour
pH / Acidity / Alkalinity
Emulsion Stability
Surface Tension
Moisture Content
Persistence Foam
Weight loss on Heating
Residue on Ignition Test
Sieve Analysis
Density / Specific gravity
Solubility in Water / Organic Solvents
Stability to Metals & Metal Ions & Elevated Temperature
Container Content Compatibility
Partition Coefficient
Dissociation Constant
Solution Stability
Spontaneity of Dispersion
Oxidation / Reduction – Chemical Incompatibility
Determination of Molar Absorption Coefficient
Corrosivity / Corrosiveness …



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