Agro Chemical Testing Acute 6-pack studies through its experienced scientific staff as per
CIBRC, OECD, EPA OCSPP, and other regulatory guidelines. Acute Toxicity Studies Acute Oral Toxicity (OECD 423, 425 and 420)
Acute Dermal Toxicity (OECD 402)
Acute Inhalation Toxicity (OECD 403 and 436) – CH Technologies USA
Acute Dermal Irritation (OECD 404) Acute Eye Irritation (OECD 405)
Skin Sensitization (OECD 406) Repeated Dose Toxicity studies Sub-acute, Sub-chronic and Chronic studies Genotoxicity studies AMES Test (OECD 471)
In-vivo MNT (OCED 474)



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