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Edara Research Foundation (ERF) is emerging Preclinical Contract Research Organization on the horizon with a promise to ensure Quality, Reliability and Customer satisfaction. ERF is focused in Toxicology, Pharmacology, DMPK, Biocompatibility/Biological reactivity and Pharmacopoeia test. Facility is located in Hyderabad, India, is to offer cost effective GLP data, confirming with the international standards, to meet the global regulatory requirements. The organization provides comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and specialty chemical industry. The generated data is in complies with OECD GLP, ISO, AAALAC & USFDA GLP (21 CFR Part 58) guidelines, ERF has been established as a center of excellence for OECD GLP toxicology services. ERF 12,000 sq. ft. facility supports a variety of integrated laboratories designed to offer a seamless service for preclinical safety and efficacy investigations. These facilities are open to our clients and we welcome sponsor engagement on-site during studies.


At ERF our expert scientists design In vitro and In vivo studies to lessen development time, reduces cost and improves success of research endeavours..



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